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Hello! I'm Akash Bhat, a human from Bangalore. I write about a bunch of different topics including marketing, psychology, interesting internet subcultures, and most importantly fun things to go do in Bangalore.

I recently wrote about "Thindi places to check out while you wait in line at Rameshwaram Cafe".

Here are some of the blog posts I'm working on at the moment.

  1. Why thousands of men are watching other men shave online

  2. What I learned from 3 years of running webinars in the US to generate B2B leads for a SaaS startup

  3. What to look for in marketing jobs based on what stage you are in your career

  4. The best (hidden) microgel pens that offer a splendid writing experience on any kind of paper (Indian edition)

  5. 10 fun things to do with your friends in Bangalore that don't involve alcohol

  6. 10 fun things to do if you don't have friends in Bangalore

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